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Post by Giga on Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:47 pm

You may have noticed the emoticons on the right of your posting page. They had nothing to do with the game so far. This has been fixed. All images that have been used so far have been converted to emoticons here, and all future images will be hosted on this forum, given that they aren't bigger than 32x32.

+25% MaxHP 1DEF, 5MAG, 1EVA 10ATK, Blade element 18ATK, Axe element

Extra poses that haven't been used yet for your character will be added in the future. This also allows mouseover text, so the description of items will be in each item's emoticon.

EDOOT: Cures all statuses Restore spell points Reset stat changes Plays the next event HP Drain Element Fatal Element Blade Element Water Element Wind Element Paralysis Element Petrified Element Poison Element Silence Element Sleep Element Fire Element Electricity Element Confusion Element Blindness Element Physical Element Shoot Element Anger Element Turn Not Taken Token Brownie Slime Metal Slime Behemoth Glowing Tree Allows you to fight. 10ATK, Blade element 18ATK, Axe element Raise Spell

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